Sidewalk Poets

Sidewalk Poets formed in September 2017, melding the talents of guitarist, Rich Rasmussen and cellist, Kaitlin Findlay. Ever since they have continued to wow audiences with their songwriting that nods to literary storytellers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Maya Angelou while bringing a whole new sound to the venues of Utah.

"Smart and classy, the Sidewalk Poets bring a distinguished twist to the Americana Folk genre. The dynamic duo Kaitlin Findlay and Rich Rasmussen are both songwriters, who together create original works, as well as drawing on literary traditions to round out their repertoire. Rich's vocals blend with Kaitlin's cello to create harmonic landscapes, ranging from ethereal ("Annabelle Lee") to playful ("Land Together"). Sure to captivate any audience, The Sidewalk Poets are consummate professionals who are perfect for any event, from the elegant to the everyday. "

-Owen Owens of in-tuned.com

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